Faradai’s Net-Zero Intelligence Platform Latest Updates

Faradai’s Net-Zero Intelligence Platform Latest Updates

We are excited to share our product update newsletter packed with new features and developments.

Faradai Net-Zero Intelligence Platform is designed to help businesses measure, analyse, and reduce their energy consumption and emissions. We are proud to say that our commitment to sustainability has helped our clients achieve significant results. The platform has enabled businesses to reduce their energy consumption by up to 15%, reducing their environmental impact by as much as 20%.

We continuously work to enhance the platform’s capabilities and provide our clients with the best possible experience. We have recently added new features that make it easier for businesses to track their sustainability progress and achieve their goals.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Here’s the latest updates and features:

  • Introducing DecarbonAI: An AI co-pilot designed for comprehensive carbon accounting and sustainability management, guiding users with the latest legislation and practices backed by expert-driven insights and advanced machine learning capabilities. With DecarbonAI, you can ask questions and receive instant support about sustainability practices, carbon regulations and reduction strategies, ensuring that every decision you make is aligned with the best environmental practices and the latest scientific data. Blending our climate experts’ insights with advanced AI ensures you receive reliable guidance.
  • Introducing Trace4Zero: Understanding the true emissions related to the energy you consume from the grid has been difficult until now. Trace4Zero combines your hourly energy consumption with the hourly emissions of the grid based on your location. The granular location-based calculations allow users to go beyond annual averages and better understand their energy usage, avoid greenwashing, and become leaders in their industry. Trace4Zero can help you avoid emissions by making data-driven decisions to shift your energy loads to when the grid is cleaner, invest in onsite renewables, or purchase time-matched Guarantees of Origin or Renewable Energy Certificates. The advanced dashboards offer unapparelled insights about your portfolio’s carbon-free score and give you the tools to make clean energy claims confidently.
  • Standards-compliant GHG Report Generator: As the weight placed on emission reports grows, robustness, audit-readiness and transparency become increasingly important. The new comprehensive GHG report generator aligns with major reporting frameworks like the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 and sets the gold standard for emissions transparency. It details a breakdown of your emissions and provides a meticulous account of how your footprint is compiled, the risks, calculation methodologies, emissions factors and much more. Effortlessly establish credibility with all critical details available in this new report.
  • ESG framework reporting: Gone are the days when reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics was a cumbersome, spreadsheet-driven process. We’re proud to announce our all-new ESG Metrics & Disclosure Management Module, designed to bring ease, efficiency, and automation to your organisation’s ESG data and reporting. Capture, organise and report all your ESG data seamlessly, creating a single source of truth and an accurate corporate memory. Track year-on-year trends and progress towards your goals. Streamline your reporting process by consolidating data requirements from major frameworks such as GRI, SASB, GRESB, the UN SDGs, and more into one integrated platform. Leverage workflows and automated reminders to increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

Our primary objective is to empower businesses like yours to reach their sustainability goals, and we are continuously evolving to serve you better. By working together, we can positively impact the environment and society. So, if you’re looking for technology to help you achieve your net-zero goals, we support you 360°.

Reaching net-zero emissions is not just a mission; it’s a necessity. Let’s make it a reality together!

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