A New Era of AI in Carbon Accounting

Introducing DecarbonAI: A New Era of AI in Carbon Accounting at TransformBase 2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the TransformBase event organised by EdenBase on November 9, 2023, at Kings Place in London. Our Co-founder & CEO, Sahin Caglayan, will showcase DecarbonAI, our innovative AI co-pilot for decarbonisation and sustainability management.

TransformBase, founded by visionary tech leaders Eric Van der Kleij and Gokce Gizer Clover, has curated a unique environment that beckons over 400 business leaders, tech innovators, investors, educators, and policymakers to engage in shaping the technological roadmap of the future for five emerging technologies: AI, quantum computing, immersive (AR/VR), blockchain, and 5G/6G. At the core of TransformBase’s mission is the belief that business leaders must take proactive steps to understand and deploy emerging technologies within their organisations.

We proudly introduce DecarbonAI – your AI co-pilot for decarbonisation and sustainability management. This feature harnesses the combined power of expert-driven insights and advanced machine learning capabilities, offering real-time support to guide users through the complexities of sustainability practices, carbon regulations, and reduction strategies.

Our showcase at TransformBase will demonstrate DecarbonAI’s ability to provide:

  • Instant, conversational support on sustainability practices
  • Dynamic guidance through regulatory compliance
  • Actionable reduction recommendations and performance insights
  • A personalised user experience powered by Natural Language Processing

As part of a day focused on turning insight into action, our presentation will delve into how DecarbonAI stands out with its:

  • Industry-specific customisation, ensuring relevancy across various sectors
  • A rich data library that informs strategic decisions efficiently
  • Flexibility in data sourcing, from precision documents to a broader hybrid approach
  • A commitment to transparency and constant improvement through reinforcement learning

Join us to see first-hand how DecarbonAI is redefining the landscape of carbon management, providing businesses with reliable guidance and actionable insights to meet today’s environmental challenges head-on.

To learn more about DecarbonAI and to join us on this journey, please visit the TransformBase website to book your place.

Shape the future of sustainable business with us at TransformBase.

For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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