Introducing Faradai AI-powered Net Zero Intelligence Platform New Updates!

Faradai Net-Zero Intelligence Platform Latest Updates!

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates and features of the Faradai Net Zero Intelligence platform, designed to support businesses in measuring, analysing, and reducing their energy consumption and emissions.

The Platform now includes new features that provide greater insights, deeper analysis and customised knowledge to support you on your journey to net zero. 

Here’s the latest updates and features:

DecarbonAI Lite: Faradai’s leading AI-powered Decarbonisation platform, DecarbonAI, is now available on the GPT Store. DecarbonAI Lite is an advanced digital consulting tool equipped with knowledge curated by sustainability experts. It provides comprehensive assistance in areas ranging from sustainability reporting to developing strategies for attaining net-zero emissions.

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AI Compliance Advisor: Ensure reporting compliance with carbon and ESG standards for your business and industry using this free AI tool. By completing a short survey in less than a minute you can find out, what carbon and ESG compliance frameworks you need to comply with, and access AI chatbots for detailed guidance, tailored to your industry and business size.

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Partner White Labelling: If you offer carbon accounting services, the Platform is now explicitly tailored to your needs. Designed by sustainability experts, it can be branded as your own and customised to enhance your service offerings and streamline your internal processes. 

With the white labelling option, you can adapt our carbon accounting and ESG software with your own logo, name, and domain. This customisation allows you to streamline client reporting with automated, branded reports to avoid the challenges and costs of developing and maintaining custom software. This flexible offering is designed to enhance your market  presence, increase brand visibility, and help you reach new clients more effectively.

Organisation Grouping: The feature allows you to manage your company’s complex hierarchical organisational structures simply and effectively.  By categorising different segments of an organisation into a hierarchy, users can create a clear, manageable structure that reflects the complexity and layers within their operations. This hierarchy is not just a reporting function but one that serves as the backbone for advanced data analysis.

User-friendly advanced dashboards updated with the latest technologies: The Platform’s updated dashboard enables detailed analytics, featuring an in-depth analysis of Scope 1, Scope 2 (both location and market-based), and Scope 3 emissions, and visualising and comparing your emissions and targets with detailed tables and graphs. 

It also provides total carbon emissions and energy usage data for a holistic view and breaks them down by category, location, and GHG for targeted actions.

Waste Emission Dashboards: The new dashboards allow you to analyse waste emissions in detail. They offer many benefits, such as monitoring the distribution of waste emissions hotspots in real-time and tracking trends, analysing waste emissions with detailed filtering by location, source, type, and disposal method, and hazardous vs non-hazardous waste insights.

Energy Decarbonisation Mobile Application: The energy decarbonisation mobile application is live now! Users with intensive operations can now instantly take action for immediate issues by receiving notifications. They can also easily monitor their CO2 emissions, energy consumption and  other crtical energy performance metrics from anywhere at any time.

At our core, we strive to empower businesses like yours to achieve their sustainability objectives. We understand the pressing need to transition to net-zero emissions, and as a result, our services are continuously enhanced to meet your needs. By collaborating closely, we can significantly and positively impact the environment and society. 

We invite you to explore the full potential of our solutions with a free demo. Witness firsthand how our services can streamline your reporting and support your sustainability goals. Together, let’s take the necessary steps to make the transition to net-zero emissions a tangible reality!

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