Maximise Your Environmental Compliance with Our Cutting-Edge Platform

Our all-in-one Platform simplifies ISO 14001 Environmental Management System compliance. It supports your environmental stewardship by providing accurate, transparent, and efficient environmental data and process management.

Why Choose Faradai Sustain?

Quality Data, Assured

Our advanced algorithms scrutinise all data entered, comparing it against historical benchmarks and flagging potential discrepancies. You'll receive timely data health warnings directly to your inbox, allowing you to address any inaccuracies swiftly.

Documented Transparency

Consolidate your organisation's environmental policies, invoices, and audit evidence in one place. Our solution allows you to make these critical documents available whenever and wherever needed, supporting a culture of transparency and accountability.

Automated & Integrated Data Capture

The Platform is designed to simplify your data management, offering automated data collection from physical devices like electricity, water, or gas meters. Our software team is also ready to develop custom integrations for your existing data sources, such as ERP, accounting, or HR software.

Set & Meet Your Green Goals

With the ability to set absolute and intensity-based GHG reduction targets, our ISO 14001 solution empowers your organisation to make measurable strides towards sustainability. Monitor your progress with our comprehensive and exportable reports.

Engage Your Team & Control Access

Invite colleagues to share in the data collection process and give auditors access to verify your work. Our role-based access control ensures that the right people have access, enhancing data privacy.

Map Your Organisation

Define your environmental management scope with the ability to create and edit multiple sites or locations. Track and analyse environmental data by location and use site-specific information to create intensity metrics.

Audit Management Made Simple

Evaluate your environmental performance quickly, identify nonconformities, and create effective action plans with our user-friendly audit management feature.



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