Act Impact Oriented

Our entrepreneurial endeavour is creating a better society. We use our drive and commitment to energize, empower and inspire others to create impact.  We start with why, for all actions and endeavours that we drive, we make sure that it creates a positive impact.

Autonomously Co-decide

We work together by fostering open communication across boundaries to meet the needs of our clients, partners, and others and to help our start-up win. We value autonomous collaboration (autonomously co-decide), meaning empowering individuals to work independently and effectively with peers. Our ultimate goal is to leverage collective genius through an exceptional collaboration mindset.

Think 100X

We were born to do disruptive innovation. Whatever we do, we always seek to find radical and creative solutions to overcome world-class problems.  We believe that thinking out of the box is essential to drive creativity, improvement, growth and innovation.  Yet, we are also practical, and we perform our work with the highest integrity and humility.

Be Radically Transparent

Whatever happens, that can happen. The most crucial point is to share our opinion honestly, openly, on time, and with complete accuracy.  Our commitment to radical transparency is reflected in our willingness to share information, actively seek feedback, positively challenge, and appreciate each other. Also, we take full ownership of our actions and can say no when it is necessary to drive better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Lead with Servant Mindset

Our leadership model does not fit to the commonly accepted model. We don’t prioritize our own objectives; we prioritise serving the greater good. Regardless of the levels or titles, we are all servant leaders: We care for each other, we care for each team member, other teams and the company as a whole. Therefore, whenever we decide about any actions, we consider these aspects and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with their needs, expectations, and well-being.

Be Obsessed with Customers

We are obsessively close to our customers, we listen to them, we live with them, we build perfect customer experience in every facet of our company. We build something they want. In doing so, we employ a customer-first approach everywhere from our sales team to the customer service team, and all other teams should serve for that ultimate goal.

We love to enjoy and have time together. We love team spirit. We love working together. We love success together. If you want to be in this team, check out our job posts and come and join us!


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